Figure 4:Effect of co-administering LPS or ozone with CSE on BAL cell recovery BALB/c mice received either PBS or 100% CSE by intranasal administration for 4 consecutive days. The final dose was accompanied with either (a) increasing concentrations of intranasal LPS or (b) exposure to 3 hours of 0.5ppm ozone. Mice were sacrificed 24 hours later, the lungs lavaged and BAL neutrophils counted. Each bar represents the mean ± standard deviation for 5 (LPS) or 8 (ozone) mice. *P<0.001 (PBS vs CSE), **P<0.05 (PBS vs CSE), ***P<0.001(PBS vs CSE/ozone), #P<0.001 (ozone vs CSE/ ozone), ##P<0.001 (CSE vs CSE/ozone).