Figure 3: Effect of curcumin in (a) Albumin content and (b) LDH content in BALF of rats, exposed to hypobaric hypoxia at 7620 m for 6 h. It is observed that, Hypoxia has resulted into significant increase in total protein content in BALF, indicating the increased vascular leakage. However, prior treatment of rats with Curcumin and exposed to hypoxia resulted into significant decrease in fluid efflux in lungs. It is speculated that curcumin has ability to maintain the vascular membrane integrity tightly. Values are mean ± SD (n=6). aP < 0.001 compared with Normoxia (0 h) group. bP < 0.05 compared with hypoxia (6 h) group. N=Normoxia, H=Hypoxia, Cur=curcumin.