Figure 8: Western blot analysis showing the effect of curcumin on the expression of cell adhesion molecules. (a) ICAM-I (b) VCAM-1 (c) P-Selectin and (d) E-Selectin in the lungs of rats exposed to hypobaric hypoxia at 7620 m for 6 hours. The results showed significant increase in the cell adhesion molecules under hypoxia compared to control. Whereas prior treatment of rats with curcumin and exposed to hypoxia resulted into significant reduction in the expression of these cell adhesion molecules compared to control (Hypoxia, 6 h).The densitometry analyses were represented below their respective western blot analyses. Values are mean ± SD (n=6). aP < 0.001 compared with Normoxia (0 h) group. bP < 0.001 compared with hypoxia (6 h) group. N=Normoxia, H=Hypoxia, Cur=curcumin.