Figure 3: Clinical symptoms of the animals. The clinical symptoms of the animals in the control group (Sham, black line), in the nontreatment (LPS, gray-line) and in the treatment group (LPS plus BMDPC, dashed line) are displayed. The points were awarded as follows: reddish lacrimation (1=normal to 4=very red), condition of the fur (1=normal to 4=dishevelled, dull and rough) and activity (1=normal to 4=adynamic). The reddening of the eyes and flow of reddish secretion were clearly prevalent in the treatment and nontreatment group due to lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-nebulization already twelve hours after application and continued to be invariably distinct over the entire period. But a dishevelled, dull and rough fur developed within the first one to two days only in the non-treatment group. These animals revealed distinctly more clinical symptoms and reduced activity. BMDPC, bone marrowderived progenitor cells.