N Complication1 Procedure Complication2 Procedure Complication3 Procedure Complication4 Procedure
1 Pseudo-aneurysmof distal anatomosis of the conduit RV aneurismectomy with reconstruction of the left PA and replacement of RV-PA conduit Compression of the left bronchus from the distal RV-PA conduit. Removal of the bronchial compression by a shorter RV-PA conduit and external bronchial stenting with incomplete rings of costal cartilage        
2 Esophagus and left bronchus fistula Esophageal direct suture and off-pump partial left bronchialresection withre-anastomosis Recurrent esophagus-left bronchus fistula Take down and reconstruction of confluence of PA,Directly sutures of esophagus,Re-anastomosed of the bronchus, Peribronchialomentalwrapping Respiratory distress syndrome VA-ECMO(9 days)    
3 Neo-left PA stenosis al level of contiguity with the left bronchus Extended reconstruction of the left PA Bilateral bronchial malacia Bilateral stenting of the main bronchi(dilated up to a caliber of 6 mm ) Left endobronchial stent ovalization, Elongation of neo-left PA with tubular prosthesis Ovalization of left endobronchial stent PA confluence reconstruction and RV-PA conduit replacement
4 Diffuse bilateral bronchomalacia bilateral bronchial stenting Obstruction of SVC and stenosis of the left PA Extended left PA reconstruction, SVC reconstruction, andRV-PA conduit replacement        
PA: pulmonary arteries, RV: right ventricle, SVC: superior vena cavae, VA-ECMO: veno-arterial membrane oxygentation
Table 2: Clinical Course of all patients of our study