Hispanic Current Smokers versus NHW Current Smokers, p=0.037
Hispanic Former Smokers versus NHW Former Smokers, p=0.392
Hispanic Non-Smokers versus NHW Non-Smokers, p=0.267
Figure 3: The Cumulative Incidence Function (CIF) for COPD mortality accounting for CVD mortality by smoking category and ethnicity. Solid lines indicate Hispanic ethnicity and dotted lines indicate Non-Hispanic White ethnicity. Hispanic Current Smokers are plotted in black, Hispanic Former Smokers are plotted in purple and Hispanic Never Smokes are plotted in glue. NHW Current Smokers are plotted in red, NWH Former Smokers are plotted in orange and NHW Never Smokers are plotted in yellow. NHW Current Smokers are at increased risk for COPD mortality compared to Hispanic Current Smokers (p<0.037). Hispanic Former Smokers have a similar CIF compared to NHW Former Smokers (p=0.392) and Hispanic Never Smokers are also similar to NHW Never Smokers (p=0.267).