Inclusions Exclusions
Population Overweight and/or obese participants of any age with diagnosed or self-reported asthma or wheezing Animals studies
Population not overweight or obese at baseline
Intervention Behavioral, pharmacological, or surgical interventions for weight loss, maintenance of lost weight, weight maintenance, or weight gain prevention. Intervention not focused on weight loss, maintenance of lost weight, weight maintenance, or weight gain prevention
With the following characteristics:
Duration: short term (≤6 mos), intermediate (>6 mos and ≤12 mos), long term (>12 mos)
Delivery: group and/or individual
Frequency of contact: any
Comparator Usual care None
No or minimal intervention
Attention control intervention
Alternative active intervention
Outcome One or more of the following asthma related outcomes as primary outcome(s): Results are not reported according to randomized treatment or treatment groups
Asthma or wheezing symptoms
Lung function
Asthma medication use
Asthma-specific quality of life
Asthma-specific health care utilization
One or more of the following weight related outcomes:
Weight (kg, lbs, %)
Body fat measures (BMI, BMI z-score, waist circumference, waist-hip ratio, % body fat)
Weight loss maintenance
Percent reduction of excess weight
Timing Follow-up period: any length None
Setting Any clinical or research setting None
Study Design RCTs Systematic reviews/Meta-analyses
Post hoc analyses of large RCTs if analyses of original randomized comparisons are included Non-RCT original studies
Sample size: any size RCTs but with results not compared according to randomized treatment assignments.
  Dropout rate≥40 percent at the study-defined primary endpoint
  Studies with <10 subjects per treatment arm
Publication Type Published original research studies Systematic reviews/Meta-analyses
Unpublished literature
Unpublished industry-sponsored trials
Other unpublished data
FDA Medical and Statistical reviews
Studies published only as abstracts
Commentaries and opinion pieces
Non-systematic reviews
Language Full-text articles must be available in English Non-English
Table 2: Criteria for selection of publications.