Pathogen Complications
Bacterial Fungal Pneumocystis jiroveci Invasive Aspergillus Cryptococcus
Viral Cytomegalovirus Herpes Human Virus
Parasites Toxoplasma Strongyloides
Mycobacterial Mycobacterial tuberculosis Non mycobacterial TBĀ  (MAC, M. Kansasii)
Immune-reconstitution inflammatory syndrome
Non-infectious Pathogen
Malignancies Non-Hodgkin B cell lymphoma Adenocarcinoma of the lung
Interstitial lung disease Lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia Non-specific interstitial pneumonia
Obstructive lung disease Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Asthma Bronchiectasis
Pulmonary Hypertension associated to HIV
Table 1: Infectious and non-infectious pulmonary complications in IV patients.