Figure 3: Mycolic acids released from substrates. Arabinogalactan and trehalosemycolation is identical in all three strains. (A) Mycolic acids released from the arabinogalactan of M. tuberculosis H37Rv (top), ?mce (middle), and ?mce::mce (bottom) are of similar abundance indicating that the arabinogalactan is mycolated identically in all 3 strains. The asterisks indicate the tetrabutylammonium salts remaining from the alkaline hydrolysis procedure. The arrows indicate the keto component. (B) Intact trehalosedimycolate (TDM; dimethoxy form) from M. tuberculosis H37Rv (top), ?mce (middle), and ?mce::mce (bottom) is observed in all three strains, indicating that trehalose is mycolated appropriately. The various keto forms (i.e., keto2 and methoxy, keto) are of lower abundance but still observed in all three strains. The TDM (methoxy, keto) lipoforms are denoted by a diamond.