Strain No. of studied
Type of drug resistance
to first-line drugs
Name of resistant
No. of strains resistant to CIP No. of strains resistant to OFL
  MOTT     9   MDR   H,R,E,S   3 4
 1   MDR   H,R,E  0  0
Total 10     Total 3 (30%) Total 4(40%)
MOTT: Mycobacteria other than tubercle bacilli, MDR: Multi-Drug Resistant, H: Isoniazid, R: Rifampin, E: Ethambutol, S: Streptomycin, CIP: Ciprofloxacin, OFL: Ofloxacin
Table 3: Drug resistance rate of 10 MOTT strains resistant to first-line drugs against CIP and OFL.