ESAT-6 family protein Comparison with Identity score
ESXA ESXB and other members of ESAT-6 family     6 to 20%
ESXB     ESXA and other members of ESAT-6 family 6 to 20%
ESXV (Rv3619) ESXI (Rv1037) 100%
ESXL (Rv1198) 97%
ESXN (Rv1793), ESXO (Rv2346)                92%
ESXW (Rv3620) ESXP(Rv2347) 98%
ESXJ (Rv1038) 98%
ESXK (Rv1197) 98%
ESXM (Rv1792)  98%
Table 2: Amino acid sequence identities of RD1-encoded ESXA and ESXB proteins with other ESAT-6 family proteins, and homologs of RD7-and RD9-encoded ESAT-6 family proteins in M. tuberculosis.