Figure 1: Geographical distribution of African M. ulcerans clades. Map of West-Africa, showing the distribution and SNP haplotypes of three African M. ulcerans clades. Clade 1: yellow; clade 2: green; clade 3: blue. AW: Amansie West; Ga: strains from the Densu river basin; IC: Ivory Coast; T: Togo; B: Benin; C: Democratic Republic of Congo; A: Angola. A neighbor-joining tree shows sub grouping of detected haplotypes from the Densu river basin together with the only strain from Togo into clade 1, strains from AW together with strain Agy99 and strain 1 from the Ivory Coast into clade 2 and all other strains from additional African countries into clade 3 (scale: number of differences at the SNP loci tested). From Roltgen et al. [34].