Area Community Trap Location Animal Code Species Sex/Age Lesion location Sample specimen
Daloa Zaïbo (Niessoko) House ZN1 Mastomysnatalensis Female Adult Not specified Lesion biopsy
  Lesion swab
  Gorodi (Ponagbeu) House GP3a Mastomysnatalensis Female Adult Tail Lesion biopsy
    House GP6 Mastomysnatalensis Female Adult Hind foot Lesion biopsy
  Lesion swab
Taabo Léléblé(Djandjikro) House LDj3a Mastomysnatalensis Male Adult Foot Lesion biopsy
  Lesion swab
  Sokrogbo (Troko) House ST1 Mastomysnatalensis Male Adult Abdomen Lesion biopsy
  Sokrogbo (Kpala) House SK3a Mastomysnatalensis Male Adult Lateral side Lesion swab
  Sokrogbo (Kpala) House SK3b Mastomysnatalensis Female Adult Foot (swelling) Fine needle aspiration
  Ahondo (Awlobo 1) House AA1-2a Mastomysnatalensis Male Adult Bottom Lesion swab
Table 4: Data of small rodents with external lesions.