Animal Code Lesion site IS2404 lesion positivity ER lesion positivity 16S rRNA lesion and organ positivity Organism (% Sequence identity)
GP3a Tail LB none LB, SP, KI, LI, LU, STO, AS, SI, CS, HT LB, M. ulcerans Agy99 (98%)
GP6 Hind foot LB, LS none LB, LS, SP, KI, LI, LU, STO, AS, HT LB, Corynebacteriumkutscheri strain MYL-3 (86%)LS, Arthrobacter spp. (75%)
ST1 Abdomen LB none LB, SP, KI, LI, LU, STO, AS, CS, HT LB, Corynebacterium kutscheri strain MYL-3 (99%)
SK3b Foot Pus FNA none FNA, SP, KI, LI, LU, AS,HT FNA,M. ulcerans Agy99 (94%)
AA1-2a Bottom LS none LS, SP, KI, LI, STO, AS, CS LS, Corynebacteriumkutscheri strain MYL-3 (98%)
SP: Spleen, KI: Kidney, LI: Liver, LU: Lung, STO: Stomach, AS: Anal Swab, SI: Small Intestine, CS: Caecum, HT: Heart, LB: Lesion Biopsy, LS: Lesion Swab, FNA: Fine Needle Aspiration.
Table 5: Data of small rodents with external lesions tested positive for bacteria/NTM.