Studies Ellis et al.[5] Muller et al. [10] Kwang II [11] Ikeda K [12] Golz et al. [13]
Cases and Sex 29 7(6 female and 1 male) 1(female) 1(female) 1(male)
Age Adults with Peak incidence 6th decade 46-74 33 73 24
Location Major salivary glands Parotid gland(Except one case) Left Parotid Right Parotid Left parotid
Size(mm) Variable Variable 20 50 30
common Histologic type Solid - tubulotrabecular type Solid and Tubular  
Manifestation - Parotid mass Infraauricular mass Parotid mass Retroauricular abscess
Facial nerve status - Intact Intact Intact Intact
Cervical lymphadenopathy 2 none Negative Negative Negative
Local recurrences 7 2 Negative Negative Negative
Distant metastasis 1 1 Negative Negative Negative
Site of metastasis Lung - - - -
Treatment Parotidectomy Local excision Parotidectomy Parotidectomy Total
Follow up duration Few months 30 month 24 months 24 months 30 months
Status after follow up One case died Tumor free Tumor free Tumor free Tumor free
Table 2: Review of the literature