Study No Age(y) Control Postop testing (months) Findings
1) Veltri RW et al 17 2-10 Preop levels 1, 3, 9 to 12 Preop Normal Postop SIgA was not affected
2) Ostergaard PA 27 6-11 27 Controls Preop levels 30 Preop: SIgA significantly lower than controls Postop:SIgA increased but level was no significantly different from preop SIgG decreased significantly  compared to preop level
3) D'Amelio R et al 274 16-24 726 controls NS Postop: SIgA levels were non- significantly different
4) Cantani A et al 65 2-11 Preop levels 1 Preop: Normal SIgA levels Postop:SIgA levels decreased significantly beyond normal.
5) Lenander-Lumikari M et al 53 5-8 Normal children 48 Postop: •Higher levels of SIg’s, lactoferrin and myeloperoxidase
•No difference in anti S mutans IgA and IgG
•Higher antibodies level against viruses
6) Del Rio-Navarro BE et al 33 3-13 Preop levels 1-4, 5-12, > 12 weeks Postop: SIgA significantly increased
7) Kirstila V et al  25 15-34 Preop levels 1 and 6 Postop: At 1month: SIg’s levels decreased, but only significantly for IgM. At 6months: -SIgA returned to normal,SIgG increased but SIgM remained low -Non-Ig salivary defensefactors remained normal except for lactoferrin -No change in antiviralSIg’s except for SIgG against EBV which decreased significantly. -No change of anti Streptococcus mutans SIg’s except for SIgG which  decreased
8) Jung KY et al 66 <4->19 Preop levels60 controls 1 Postop: SIgA decreased to control levels
9) Childers NK et al 25 4.4-12.8 25 controls 6-14 Postop: •No significant difference in total and specific whole saliva SIgA from controls
•Significantly higherlevels of specific SIgA in parotid specific saliva
Preop, preoperative; postop, postoperative; SIg, salivary immunoglobulin;
Table 2: Details and results of the reviewed studies.