MRI Date Summary of MRI Findings
09/20/05 (A) Near completeopacification of the sphenoid sinuses with associated thinning of adjacent bony cortex. Destructive changes from either sinusitis or soft tissue mass.
 06 2006 (B) This MRI and the one in figure (C) show minimal response of the sphenoid mass to radiation and chemotherapy.
10/26/06 (C) large mass replacing the clivus and filling the sella extending into the cavernous sinuses. The mass abuts the undersurface of the optic chiasm. Diffuse inflammatory and post-surgical changes involving the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. Diffuse small high signal intensity lesions scattered throughout the cerebral white matter bilaterally, unchanged from prior studies.
June/July, 2007 (D) Post esthesionneuroblastoma. Persistent mass lesion within the clivus. Appears much more cystic. Near optic chiasm with mild mass effect against the chiasm. Left sphenoid more involved than right. Mild maxillary sinus disease.
02/08/07 There continues to be a large mass replacing the clivus, filling the sella, extending into both cavernous sinuses. Mucosal thickening throughout the sphenoid sinuses bilaterally. Also mild chronic appearing inflammatory changes in the left mastoid. Other paranasalsinuses and right mastoid sinuscells are clear. Very mild diffuse white matter disease, which appears stable when compared to the previousstudy. Multiple new areas of chronic lacuna infarction within the right corona radiate, head of right caudate nucleus,anterior limb of the right internal capsule and right lentiform nucleus (MRI not shown)
07/26/07 (D) The mass in the clivus and sella decreased to 2×3.4×2.9 from 3.7×2.8×4.1 cm. Mild mucosal thickening in the sphenoid and ethmoid sinuses that has not resolved.Appearance of small cystic area in the right head of caudate nucleus
02/15/08 Small region of encephalomalacia changes involving the right caudate nucleus. Moderate mucosal thickening of left maxillary sinus as well as ethmoid air cells. Minimal mucosal thickening of sphenoid sinuses. Increased severity of the left maxillary sinus. 8 mm enhancing nodule in the putamen (MRI not shown).
06/30/08 Pituitary follow-up. Abnormal signal involving the clivus with diffuse enhancement.Pituitary bland measures 1.8×0.9×2.1 cm witheterogeneous enhancement.Abnormal enhancement in the left putamen, 6.4×5.2 mm, stable since previous exam. There are no abnormal signals seen within the brain. – DR. Gray.
09/10/08 (G) Dr Gray: Follow up of fungus infection in sinuses. There is mucosal thickening in left maxillary sinus with mucous retention cyst, new since previous exam. Mucosal thickening in sphenoid sinus, stable since last exam. Increased signal in the clivus, stable since last exam. Right caudate nucleus without enhancement. Enhancement in left posterior aspect of the putamen (6.9×5.2 mm). No other abnormal signals in the brain.
03/30/09 Dr. Gray: Mild encephalomalacia, has been stable. Abnormal signal in clivus and mild enhancement of the in the region of cavernous sinus bilaterally. There are no new sites of disease seen. (MRI not shown).
Table 3: This table summarizes the findings of the MRIs done on the plaintiff’s sinuses from September 09, 2005 to March 30,2009.