PC is a very complex disease,involving diagnostic and therapeutic multidisciplinary decisions


Optimal and well balanced information for PC cases requires a shift from a mono-disciplinary to a synergic multidisciplinary approach


As Breast Cancer Units for breast cancer, multiprofessional Prostate Cancer Units for PC are the best answer to manage patients and the complexity of their disease


Prostate Cancer Units offer the patient a complete,simultaneous,unambiguous,polispecialistic counselling on his disease,avoiding him to tour to different physicians


A MDT can provide a continuum of care for patients through early diagnosis,treatment planning in all stages of the disease,follow-up,prevention and management of complications


Prostate Cancer Units connect a team whose members have specialist training in PC, spend relevant amount of time in working with PC,have a high level scientific qualification on PC


In Prostate Cancer Units the MDT can better propose the appropriate management options on the basis of the pathological reports,clinical and biochemical assessments and the risk benefit evaluation


Prostate Cancer Units are in possession of or have easy direct access to all requirements for a complete, adequate and high level management of all phases of PC


Patients referred to a Prostate Cancer Unit receive more balanced information and decisions obtained in an open and interactive fashion, with all clinical specialists present at the same time


Patients referred to a Prostate Cancer Unit experience easier availability, enhanced coordination and reduced delays to conclude the diagnostic and therapeutic item

Table 1: Ten good reasons to support a Prostate Cancer Unit.