Pat B.C. presented after previous (accidental) treatment of her hemangioma as an abscess. After 2 laser sessions (intralesional and ice cube cooling-technique, Median 13 075 J/cm2/session) a significant reduction in redness/ erythema and involution could be achieved (Figure 1).
Pat K.I. presented with persistent pain around her right nipple after first laser therapy 5 years ago. With one intralesional laser session (Median 500 J/cm2/session) the swelling and pain could be reduced (Figure 2).
Pat Sch.E. presented with a constantly growing bluish swelling ofher right breast. According to her mother the swelling has arised over the last weeks. After 3 laser sessions (ice cube cooling and intralesional technique, Median 5 750 J/cm2/session) swelling and growth stopped and involution started (Figure 3).
Pat M.T. PELVIS/LUMBAR syndrome, presented with arapidly growing and ex-ulcerating hemangiomain the perinealregion. Exulceration and growth stopped during her 4 laser sessions (icecubecooling-technique, Median 1250J/cm2/session). But, despiteof this positive response the mother decided to switch to herbal medicine and the girl has been lost for follow-up (Figure 4).
Pat H.M. presented with repeated ulceration and hemorrhage of her left big labia hemangioma. Immediately after her first laser session (glass plate- compression and ice cube cooling-technique, Median 11 500 J/cm2/session) ulceration and bleeding stopped and involution started. On parental request hydrocolloid dressings have been applied, intermittently (Figure 5).
Table 3: Results of MALT at-a-glance.