Figure1: E. coli efflux pump mutants are susceptible to thiazolides.
Susceptibility of E. Coli efflux pump mutants and their corresponding wildtypes (listed in Table 2) to nalidixic acid (A) and to thiazolides (listed in Table 1) with a nitro group (B) or a bromo group (C). Susceptibilities were determined by disc diffusion assays as described in Materials & Methods. Discs were soaked with stock solutions yielding initial amounts of 700 n moles of thiazolides or 7 nmoles of nalidixic acid in the disks or with equal amounts of DMSO as a solvent control. Mean values ± SE of the surfaces of the inhibition zones are given for 3 replicates. Values marked by asterisks are significantly different from the control (paired t-test, two-sided, *, p<0.01).