Vesicular system Description Application
Aquasomes These are spherical 60-300 nm particles used for drug and antigen delivery. The particle core is composed of noncrystalline calcium phosphate (ceramic diamond) and is covered by a polyhydroxyl oligomeric film Specific targeting, molecular shielding
Archaeosomes Vesicles composed of glycerolipids of archaea with potent adjuvant activity Poor adjuvant activity
Colloidosomes These are solid microcapsules formed by the self assembly of colloidal particles at the interface of emulsion droplets and they are also hollow, elastic shells whose permeability and elasticity can be precisely controlled. Drug targeting
Cryptosomes Lipid vesicle with surface coat composed of PC and of suitable polyoxyethylene derivative of phosphatidyl ethanolamine Ligand mediated drug delivery
Cubosomes Cubosomes are bi-continuous cubic phases, consisting of two separate, continuous, but non intersecting hydrophilic regions divided by a lipid layer that is contorted into a periodic minimal surface with zero average curvature. Drug targeting
Discosomes Niosomes coupled with non-ionic surfactants Ligand mediated drug targeting
Emulsosomes Nanosized lipid particles consisted of lipid assembly and a polar group Parenteral delivery of poorly water soluble drugs
Enzymosomes The enzyme covalently immobilized to the surface of liposomes Targeted delivery to tumour cell
Erythrosomes Liposomal system in which chemically cross-linked human erythrocytes cytoskeletons are used as to which a lipid bilayer is coated Targeting of macromolecular drugs
Genosomes Artificial macromolecular complex for functional gene transfer Cell specific gene transfer
Hemosomes Haemoglobin containing liposomes prepare by immobilizing haemoglobin with polymerizable phospholipid High capacity oxygen carrying system
Photosomes Photolyase encapsulated in liposomes, which release the contents by photo triggered charges in membrane permeability characteristics. Photodynamic therapy
Protosomes High molecular weight multi subunit enzyme complexes with catalytic activity Better catalytic activity turnover than non associated enzymes
Ufasomes Vesicles enclosed by fatty acids obtained by long chain fatty acids by mechanical agitation of evaporated film in the presence of buffer solution Ligand mediated drug targeting
Vesosomes Nested bilayer composed of bilayers enclosing an aqueous core which contains unilamellar vesicle Multiple compartment of Vesosomes give better protection to the interior content of serum
Virosomes Liposomes spiked with virus glycoprotein’s, incorporated in the liposomal bilayer based on retrovirus based lipids Immunological adjuvant
Table 2: Emerging “Somes” and their Applications.