Events Literature evidence Simulation results
(1)  Perturbation of aldolase enzyme activity Haake et al. indicated that reduction in aldolase enzyme activity affects various metabolite concentrations in the Calvin cycle, leading to the increased concentrations of DHAP and GAP [53].   Decreased aldolase (V5) activity in the  model results in increased GAP and DHAP concentrations.
(2) Perturbation of transketolase enzyme activity Henkes et al. presented that suppression of transketolase enzyme activity causes a reduction in leaf sugars, since photosynthesis is inhibited [54].   Decreased transketolase (V5) activity in the model results in decreased photosynthetic sugars, GAP and DHAP concentrations.
(3) Perturbation of DBE enzyme activity Dinges et al. found that the deficiency in DBE encoding gene results in accumulation of phytoglycogen (PG) or water soluble polysaccharide (WSP) [55].   Decreased debranching enzyme activity (V61) in the model results in increased PG concentrations.
(4) CO2 elevation Lawson et al. showed that  concentrations of several metabolites in the Calvin cycle increase with the elevated CO2 concentration, for example PGA, DHAP, GAP [23]. Increased CO2 concentration in the model results in increased concentrations of PGA, DHAP, and GAP.  
Table 1: Summary of model validation. The table summarises the literature-based validation of the constructed model. The model simulations were compared with the published data measured under the corresponding conditions.