22-Alanine, 191-Alanine, 65-Aspartic Acid, 148-Aspartic Acid, 66- Glutamine, 14-Glycine, 192-Glycine, 15-Isoleucine, 16-Isoleucine, 21-Isoleucine, 95-Isoleucine, 122-Isoleucine, 194-Isoleucine, 63-Leucine, 218-Leucine, 165-Lysine, 147-Methianine, 155-Methianine, 161-Methianine, 199-Methianine, 41-Phenylalnine, 97-Phenylalnine, 149-Phenylalnine, 193-Proline, 20-Serine, 94-Serine, 17-Threonine, 196-Threonine
Figure 1: 3-D structure of Enoyl-ACP Reductase. (2NTV) active site and list of amino acids involved in designing active site [5].