Database URL Description
BioGRID [43]  Manually curated protein and genetic interactions for major model organisms
IntAct [44]  Manually curated molecular interactions, including comprehensive data about their source experiments
NDB [42]  Nucleic acid and DNA/RNA-protein complex structures, including derived data for nucleic acids
NPInter [18]  Functional interactions of ncRNAs and protein-related biomolecules, classified into categories based on interaction type
PDB [10]  Experimentally determined three-dimensional structures
PRD [45]  RPIs from 22 species, focusing on gene-level information
PRIDB [24]  Interface information from RNA-protein complex structures in browsable and machine-readable format
RBPDB [8]   Experimental data on binding preferences and specificities of RBPs
RPIntDB  RPIs from databases and high-throughput experiments in literature
Table 2: Databases of RNA-Protein Interactions and Interfaces.