Team Name




Type of method


B Team

Kevin Y.Yip, Roger P. Alexander, Koon-Kiu Yan and Mark Gerstein

Yale University, USA

1st on all sizes

Statistical Method



Peng Li and Chaoyang Zhang

University of Mississippi, USA

2nd on size 10,
2nd on size 50

Bayesian network



Aviv Madar, Alex Greenfield, Eric Vanden-Eijnden, and Richard Bonneau

New York University, USA

2nd on size 100

Dynamical Model



Xuebing Wu, Feng Zeng,  and Rui Jiang

Tsinghua University, China

3rd on size 10,
3rd on size 100

Statistical Method



Tarmo Aijo and Lahdesmaki

Tampere University of Technology, Finland

3rd on size 50

Dynamical Model


Table 1: Shows the top five best performing methods in inferring the network motifs in regulatory networks. In contrast, these represented errors in inferring the network motifs in regulatory networks may vary from networks to networks, so the efficiency of the methods should be cautiously studied based on the complexity of networks under study [20].