S. No.   Proteins (PS)2-v2, 2009
Domain ID Structure
1. CT110 1we3F Chaperonin
2. CT146 2owoA Ligase
3. CT171 2ekcB Synthase
4. CT257 2yvyA Transporter
5. CT341 1nltA Chaperonin
6. CT396 2v7yA Chaperonin
7. CT407 1tjlA Zinc Finger Protein
8. CT431 1yg6A Protease
9. CT571 1p9rA Secretory protein
10. CT701 2vdaA Translocase
11. CT706 1yg6A Protease
Table 3: Structural prediction of annotated proteins using the (PS)2-v2: templatebased protein structure prediction server.