Figure 8: A hypothetical regulatory model based over-represented genes in BRTF’s target genes in Superior and Inferior genotype of Gossypiumhirsutumat three developmental stages of fiber (initaion elongation and SCW stage ) .This model is also supported by the previous our work (Nigam D et. Al 2013). The central black line in the model separates unique processes/genes in superior and inferior at three stages of fiber development. Various biological functions/genes involved early (0 to 6 dpa) in fiber development are shown, including genes that encode proteins involved in oxidative stress, redox signaling, and hormone signaling. At 6 to 12 dpa in superior genotype, oxidative phosphorylation is shown as prominent processes for energy production and brassinostroid biosynthesis where BES1 and DET are positive regulator. At 19 dpa in superior genotype, peroxidase is up-regulated. Whereas in inferior genotype at early (0 to 6 dpa), oxidative stress (ROS) and stress hormone signalling suggest earlier onset of programmed cell death-like processes with exhaustive use of energy. By 6 to 12dpa dpa, additional processes are shown related to mRNA degradation and programmed cell death signals. At 12 to 25 dpa, cellulose synthase and pectinesterase are shown as up-regulated, leading to early cell wall maturation and cessation of elongation.