Selected Brassinosteroid Transcription factors i.e. “Hub Gene” No of Targets
Ghi.2429.1.S1_s_at 1997
Ghi.6198.3.A1_at 999
Ghi.9165.1.S1_s_at 532
Ghi.8007.1.S1_at 90
GhiAffx.23450.1.A1_s_at 14
Ghi.2138.1.S1_at 4
GraAffx.19173.1.A1_s_at 0
GraAffx.34276.1.A1_s_at 0
Table 1: Regulatory Brassonosteroid transcription factors and their target genes identified through ARACNe algorithm. Only top six transcription factors and their targets network data were used for Cytoscape 3.0.2.