Figure 2: Decoherence Model Accounting for Path Integrals. Unlike the previous figure, which only looks at the action, here a limited description of decoherence with respect to path integrals is provided. In figure 2A, Young’s experiment is depicted, except with a partial path integral (12 paths rather than an infinite number for illustration) rather than a single path. Note that the path integral for the Young’s experiment is described from the source to the screen involving both slits (i.e. the action involves both slits). There are no decoherence/environmental entanglements in figure 2A, so an interference pattern exists. Now in figure 2B, the action and interference pattern are maintained in spite of a reduction of some paths from decoherence. In figure 2C, coherence and interference are present, but altered, as the action has een phase-shifted. Therefore, destruction of some paths does not necessarily correspond to loss of coherence or the action.