Non-surgical Diet and exercise No surgical risks High failure rate
Does not cure reflux
Does not treat sleep apnea
Ineffective at Type 2 Diabetes treatment
Surgical Adjustable gastric banding (ABG) Weight loss 40.5%
Type 2 Diabetes cure 47.8%
Hyperlipidemia cure 78%
Sleep apnea cure 94.5%
Worsens reflux
Surgical Risks
  Sleeve gastrectomy (SG) Weight loss 66%
Type 2 Diabetes cure 56%
Hyperlipidemia cure 77%
Sleep apnea cure 60%
Surgical risks
Does not cure reflux
Does not cure hypertension
  Roux-en-Y gastric banding (RYGB) Weight loss 62%
Type 2 Diabetes cure 78%
Hyperlipidemia cure 61%
Reflux cure 100%
Hypertension cure 66%
Surgical risks (generally low)
Table 1: Programmed alternatives with its sub-alternative components into Comparion domain.