Exper. References Platform Tissue Species/ Sex Rat model Treatment Corr. genes (pos./neg.)
E-GEOD-13003 [92] SWEGENE Rat 70mer oligonucleotide array Endometrium, cervix and uterus Rattusnorvegicus/Female BDII - 90/6
E-GEOD-13319 [93] A-AFFY-43 Uterine leiomyoma Rattusnorvegicus/Females Eker - 27/1
E-MEXP-999 [94] A-AFFY-25 Uterus Rattusnorvegicus/Female Charles River VAF plus 10 μg/kg of ethinyl estradiol 1/1
E-TOXM-20 [95] A-AFFY-25 Uterus and ovaries Rattusnorvegicus/Female Sprague-Dawley 0.1/1/10 μg/kg/day of ethinyl estradiol for 4 days 25/11
E-GEOD-24672 [96] A-AFFY-43 Testes Rattusnorvegicus/Male LBNF1 Irradiation with acyline and flutamide for a period of 2/4 weeks in doses of 30-110 picograms/ml 1/2
E-GEOD-40713 Unpublished A-AFFY-43 Mammary gland Rattusnorvegicus/Male, female Sprague-Dawley 0.1/1/10 μg/kg/day of ethinyl estradiol for 11 days 130/8
Table 1: Microarray experiments: The following microarray experiments were used in this study to derive correlated genes to Phf5a. Exper., reference in ArrayExpress; Ref., reference to published paper; Platform, microarray platform used in the experiment; Tissue, which tissue(s) were used in the experiment; Species/Sex, which rat species and sex that was used in the experiment; Rat model, which rat model was used in the experiment; Treatment, type of treatment applied to the rats; Corr. genes, number of correlated genes to Phf5a.