Frequency Band Frequency Range Wavelength Range Application
HF 3-30 MHz 10-100 km Aviation Communication, government time stations, weather stations
VHF 30-300 MHz 1-10 km Radio modems, amateur radio, and marine communications
UHF 300-1000 MHz 100 m/km Television broadcasting, cordless phones, walkie talkies, personal radio services, satellite communication
L 1-2 GHz 15-30 cm Cellphone, Navigation, Satellite
S 2-4 GHz 7.5-15 cm Unlicensed (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc.), Satellite, Cellphones
C 4-8 GHz 3.75-7.5 cm Microwave relay, Satellite
X 8-12 GHz 2.5-3.75 cm Radar
KU 12-18 GHz 1.67-2.5 cm Satellite TV, Police Radar
K 18-27 GHz 1.11-1.67 cm Microwave Backhaul
KA 27-40 GHz 0.75-1.11 cm Microwave Backhaul
V 40-75 GHz 0.4-0.75 cm Experimental, Radar, New WLAN
W 75-110 GHz 0.27-0.4 cm Automotive Radar
M 30-300 GHz 1cm-1mm Personal area networks
Table 1: Frequencies their ranges and applications.