Figure 1: LOX and COX activities in human meningioma. Fifteen grade I and eleven grade II+III meningioma were investigated. Gene expression levels were normalized to 18S RNA (product reference: Hs99999901-s1). Amounts of transcripts were compared to sample with the lowest level of transcripts (a patient who was arbitrary quoted 1). (?) indicates patients with no detectable transcript. Significance was assessed by using the Kruskal-Wallis test followed by a Mann-Whitney U-test. No significant differences were documented between groups. Product references were the following: 5-LOX: Hs00386528-m1; 12S-LOX: Hs00167524-m1; 12R-LOX: Hs00153961- m1; 15-LOX1: Hs00609608-m1; 15-LOX2: Hs00153988; COX-1: Hs00277289-s1; COX-2: Hs00153133-m1; PGE synthase: Hs01115610-m1; PGI synthase: Hs00168766-m1; TX synthase: Hs00233423-m1.