Figure 3: Effect of NaB and siRNA for podoplanin on cell migration and podoplanin expression. The scratch assay was performed to study the effect of NaB on cell migration. The Ca9-22 (A), HSC-2 (B), -3 (C), and -4 (D) cell lines were incubated into 12-well tissue culture slides with 0.3, 2.5, and 20 mM NaB with or without siRNA for podoplanin (50 nM). Pictures were taken at the beginning of the experiment (0 h), and after 8 h of incubation (8 h). Podoplanin and b-actin expression were studied by western blot analysis after incubation of each cell line with siRNA for podoplanin (50nM) for 8 h (E). *p<0.05 for NaB or siRNA treated versus control. Each bar represents the mean ± SD of two separate experiments.