Name Nanocarrier Clinical Status Compound References
DaunoXome Liposome Approved Daunorubicin 50, 56
Doxil/Caelyx Liposome Approved Doxorubicin 2, 50, 56
CPX-1 Liposome P1 Irinotecan 4
LE-SN38 Liposome P2 SN-38 31
MCC465 Ab- liposome P1 Doxorubicin 38
NK911 Micelle P1 Doxorubicin 27, 56
SP1049C Micelle P3 Doxorubicin 9, 27, 53
NK105 Micelle P2 Paclitaxel 24
NC-6004 Micelle P1/2 Cisplatin 57
Zoladex* Polymer rods Approved Goserelin acetate 12
Lupron Depot* Polymer microspheres Approved Leuprolide acetate 1, 12
Oncaspar PEG Approved L-Asparaginase 11
PEG intron PEG Approved α-Interferon 7
Zinostatin Polymer Approved SMANCS** 42
PK1 HPMA copolymer P2/3 Doxorubicin 48
Abraxane Albumin Approved Paclitaxel 39
Ontak IL2 Fusion Protein Approved Diptheria toxin 15, 16
Zevalin Anti-CD20 Approved Yttrium-90/Indium-111 20
Bexxar Anti-CD20 Approved Iodine-131 20

*Polymers composed of polylactide-co-glycolide. **Styrene maleic anhydride neocarzinostatin.

Table 1: Examples of nanocarrier-based chemotherapeutics that are either clinically approved, or in various stages of clinical trials for cancer treatment.