Figure 6: Involvement of caspase-3 and AIF in apoptosis. (A) In situ immunofluorescent labeling showed occurrence of apoptosis due to caspase-3 overexpression and also cell death with caspase-3 overexpression. (B) Localization of AIF expression in T98G xenograft. Comapred with control group, combination therapy with ATRA plus IFN-γ caused dramatic AIF overexpression to induce cell death in T98G xenograft, indicating involvement of mitochondria mediated caspase-dependent and caspase-independent pathways in the process of apoptosis. In the bar diagrams, x-axis denotes 1 = CTL, 2 = ATRA, 3 = IFN-γ and 4 = ATRA plus IFN-γ.