Figure 4 : MTT assay for azurin secreted by P. aeruginosa strains. (a) Azurin purified from P. aeruginosa 1934, 1942, 741strains were treated with ZR-75-1 breast cancer cell distinctly for cell viability and was measured by MTT assay. There was a significant growth inhibition of both ZR-75-1 at IC50 72� 3�g/ml. (b) Both T-47D and ZR-75-1 grown in 96-well plate were treated with various concentration of azurin from P. aeruginosa 2453 for 48 h. Bar (mean � S.E) shows the cell viability (%) of ZR-75-1 and T-47D cell lines treated with increasing concentration of azurin from all strains. All results are expressed as percentage of control and are mean � S.E and statistically analyzed by using t test .p values (*-0.05, **-0.01 were considered significant against control cells.