Figure 4: CaneCPI-4 inhibited cell migration and invasion in vitro. B16F10- Nex2 melanoma cells and HUVECs at 105 cells/well in 1 mL were seeded on 12-well plates and after growing to form a confluent monolayer, one scratch wound was made. Cell migration (A) was determined by measuring the width of the wound at 0h and after 24h incubation. For invasion assay, B16F10- Nex2 melanoma cells (5 x103) were incubated on transwell units coated with Matrigel in the presence of CaneCPI-4 at 1 ÁM for 24h. Invading cells were quantified by counting after crystal violet staining (B). Values are expressed in percentage comparing to control. p values comparing to control are shown.