Figure 1: Representative results of the MTT assay. The relative cell viability was measured using the MTT assay. The concentration of drug is shown on the abcissa and the absorbance of the formazan, which represents the relative cell viability, is shown on the ordinate. Sensitivity curves of two transfectants, in addition to the parental ras-NIH3T3 cells, are shown. The positions of drug concentrations giving 40% inhibition in two transfectants (IC40,transfectant-1 and IC40,transfectant-2) and in the parental cells (IC40,parent) are shown. A dotted line indicates 60% (40% inhibition) of cell viability. Broken lines showed by arrows indicate the concentrations of IC40,transfectant-1, IC40,transfectant-2 and IC40,parent. DCI values were calculated and expressed numerically as follows: DCI = log (IC40,transfectant/ IC40,parent)