Figure 2: Methylation % of CGIs, 1, 2I, 2F, 3, 4 and 5 from CXCL12 gene in breast cancer cell lines. Each graphic represents one breast tumor cell line. The percentage of methylation from eight clones are represented by bars and numbered 1 to 216 CG. The CGI 1 is represented in blue, the CGI 2I in light green, the CGI 2F in dark green, the CGI 3 in yellow, CGI 4 in pink and CGI 5 in gray. The red arrow indicates the TSS and the key shows the putative promoter from CGs +157 to +61. The expression pattern for each breast cancer cell line is indicate by + or –. The sequencing data for CGI 4 was obtained for Ramos et al. [7].