Author (year) Number of patients Median DTI Outcomes measured Finding
Caudell et al. [3] in 2011 426 34 days LRC, OS No significant differences
Jensen et al. [1] in 2007 61 28 days* TV, TVD, TNM, RECIST Majority of patients showed significant signs of tumor progression
Waaijer et al. [2] in 2003 13 56 days TCP Tumor progression
Brouha et al. [9] in 2000 362 all T1N0 larynx 43 days LRC No effect
Hansen et al. [10] in 2005 544 all larynx stages I–III   5-year RFS Worse RFS 1.045 hazard ratio
This study: Brinkerhoff et al. [12] 2010 135 44 days LRC, OS Significant difference on OS
*This study measured the interval between neck diagnostic CT scan and radiation treatment planning CT scan LRC: Local Regional Control; OS: Overall Survival; TV: Tumor Volume Increase; TVD: Tumor Volume Doubling time; TNM: TNM Stage Classification; RECIST: RECIST Criteria for Progressive Disease; TCP: Tumor Control Probability Model; RFS: Recurrence Free Survival
Table 5: Other studies examining DTI in SCCHN.