Figure 1: Effect of co-administration of mitomycin C and cisplatin with or without the administration of B.aristata on NADH oxidase. Rate of respiration was measured using glutamate + malate as substrate by the addition of 400 n mols of ADP. It was expressed as n moles of oxygen consumed per minute per milligram protein. RCR is the ratio of ADP stimulated state-3 to ADP exhausted state 4 respiration and P/O = ADP/O ratio. The control values for state-3 ADP respiration, RCR and P/O ratio were 727.9, 4.320.60 and 2.900.13 respectively. All the values are expressed relative to controls, which were taken as 100. *P<0.05, **P<0.01. Values are Mean SD for at least 13 animals.