Figure 3: SF1126 induced apoptosis in additional aggressive B-NHL cell lines in a dose- dependent manner. (A). DLBCL cell lines: SUDHL-6, TOLEDO, DB and MCL cell lines: Granta-4 and JEKO-1 were treated with SF1126 at 50 然 for 72h. Apoptosis was analyzed by flow cytometry. The graph represents the mean percentage of apoptosis崆.D. (n = 3). (B). SUDHL-4, TOLEDO and Granta-4 cells were treated with SF1126 at 5 然, 10 然, 20 然, 40 然 and 50 然 for 48 hr. PARP cleavage was detected by immunoblotting. (C). SUDHL-4 and TOLEDO cells were untreated or treated with SF1126 at 50 然 at varying time points [8-hr, 16-hr, 24-hr and 48-hr]. PARP cleavage was determined using immunoblotting with an anti-PARP antibody. -actin was used as a loading control.