Tissue No. of samples
Cell type
Luminal epithelial Basal SGLT1-postive stromal cells (%) **
Normal 3 + + Stromal cells are negative
BPH 53 + and - +++ 62.4 ± 31.7
PIN 9 ++ ++ NA
PCa 44 +++ NA ++ to +++, 3.8 ± 5.4%
*The semi-quantification was carried out by two individuals in a blinded manner using the same normal prostate tissue as a standard reference. The signal density of normal prostate epithelial cells is considered as “+”, and the signal density of the basal cells of BPH is considered as “+++”. **SGLT1-positive cells and total stromal cells were counted from 3 random selected areas under 200x magnification, and the percentage of SGLT1-positive cells is calculated by the number of SGLT1-positive cells/total stromal cells. The values are presented as mean ± SD. NA: not applicable
Table 1: Expression level of SGLT1 in prostate tissue by cell type*.