Figure 4: PQ1 counteracts cisplatin inhibition of GJIC. T47D cells were treated with PQ1 and cisplatin alone and in combination as indicated. Cells without treatment were used as controls. (A) Scrape load/dye transfer assay was performed. Green indicates lucifer yellow and red indicates rhodaminedextran. Gap junction activity is examined by measuring the distance of Lucifer yellow dye transfer. Image of dye transfer was captured using a fluorescence microscope under 4X magnification. The scale bar is 100 μm in size (B) The distance of dye transfer from cutting edge to the farthest cells with the dye uptake was measured using Zen 2010 software. The distance of dye transfer for treated cells was normalized to the distance of dye transfer of its control group and the graphical presentation of three independent experiments was showed with statistical significance. * P-value is <0.05 compared to control. ** P-value is <0.05 compared to cisplatin treatment.