Figure 2: Superimposed structure of BRCA1 BRCT of phospho peptide CtIP complex (pdb id: 1Y98) (A) with BARD1 BRCT (pdb id: 2NTE) (B) superimposable amino acids of BARD1 BRCT and (C) MDC1 BRCT (pdb id: 2ETX), Conserved hydrophilic environment around phosphor-Serine of BRCA1 BRCT (pdb id: 1Y98), BARD1 BRCT (pdb id: 2NTE) and, MDC1 BRCT (pdb id: 2AZM), dotted red lines are phosphate of BARD1 BRCT. BRCA1 BRCT is colored in pink, peptide CtIP-orange, BARD1 BRCT in marine, MDC1 BRCT is colored in magenta.