Figure 8: Molecular mechanisms of the 6-combination inhibitory actions on cell migration, invasion and induction of cell apoptosis. Synergistic down-regulation of cell proliferation marker PCNA and cell cycle regulators Rb, CDK4 and anti-apoptotic BcL-2, SVV and the cell metastatic marker cell adhesion molecule CD44 (marker of cell metastasis) in both cell lines after 48hr from cell treatment with the 6 phytochemicals combination. Down-regulation of the MDA-MB-231 mutant P53 and up-regulation of P53 wild type in MCF7 was interestingly analyzed. Protein lysates were collected from cultured-treated MCF7 and MDA-MB-231 cell lines and examined by western blot analysis as described under methods. All bands were quantified and normalized against β-Actin that was used as loading Control.