Figure 1: Flow Cytometry analysis of a non-small cell lung SCH (the histograms in this figure are for illustrative purposes - the lung tumor was not one of the fourteen in this study). Legends: A. live (no exposure to drugs) indicates 98% viability; these cells have only picked up color on the outside of the cell. B. 95% shattered cells – debris ‘travels’ up the Y axis, the combination of MET and TAX have shattered the cells (made debris of the cells), reflecting no stain/no color. C. 69% dead cells,cells are in the 2nd decade designated dead, as the cell membrane has been compromised by the drug(s) and the stain has entered intracellularly, thus more color is exhibited. D. 63% dead cells, cells are in the 2nd decade designated dead. E. 79% of the tumor cell populations were killed by MET as a single agent. F. 9% dead cells (adding CIS to the combination of TAX/MET inhibited cell death).