Figure 2: Nimesulide promotes cell cycle arrest and inhibits Wnt/β-catenin signaling by reducing cellular β-catenin level. A) Flow cytometric cell cycle phase analysis in AGS cells upon nimesulide treatment reveals the cell cycle arrest by increasing the G0/G1 phase and reducing S phase cell population. B, C) Nimesulide treatment results in down regulation of E2F (B) and c-Myc (C) transcriptional activity. D) Western blot analysis of cellular β-catenin and its target genes c-Myc and CyclinD1 in AGS cells & β-catenin and CyclinD1 in Kato III cells, upon treatment with nimesulide. E) Analysis of the expression of APC, GSK3β and its phosphorylation (ser9) in the presence of nimesulide in AGS and Kato-III cells by western blotting.