Figure 6: Celecoxib inhibits multiple signaling pathways and improves doxorubicin response in gastric cancer cells. A) Celecoxib inhibits Wnt signaling activity in a dose dependent manner in AGS cells. B) Analysis of IRF1, STAT3, RXR, Notch and MAPK activity in AGS cells upon treating with celecoxib (20 μM) for 24 hours. C) Analysis of the effect of celecoxib treatment on ERK/MAPK signaling activity in AGS cells by western blotting. D) Half maximal inhibitory concentrations of TCF reporter activity for celecoxib, nimesulide and other existing Wnt selective inhibitors. E) Analysis of the effect of nimesulide and celecoxib on doxorubicin drug response by MTT assay. F) Summarized schematic representation of the unique and common signaling pathways modulated by nimesulide and celecoxib in gastric cancer cells.